Preparation for Additional Visits by Staff from OSUC institutions

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Dr. Eric Vance and Emanuel Msemo were recently mentioned in the latest issue of the iAgri News. See the highlight below and read the full news letter attached.

"Preparation for Additional Visits by Staff from OSUC institutions – Several important visitations were planned for the coming project quarter.  They include a visit by Eric Vance, Virginia Tech, to work on the development of a Statistics Lab at SUA.  This lab will be manned by Emanuel Msemo who is pursuing a M.S. at Virginia Tech and by other staff at SUA.  It will be designed to offer statistical collaboration and consultation to agricultural scientists as they prepare their research proposals, conduct field research and analyze research results.  Preparations have also been made for Ms. Elsie Paredes, Virginia Tech library, to work with counterparts at SUA on the development of a Language Resource Center to support training and research in language training.  Specifically, this assignment will focus on building the capacity of SUA to effectively measure the language skills of students at SUA and to provide them with additional English language training.  It is recognized that fluency in spoken and written English is an important attribute for SUA students to bring to the job market.  This activity will build on prior attempts by SUA to identify funding for the development of this Center."

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Congrats to Eric Vance and the LISA team. I was once a small part of LISA and so feel so proud. Real and significant contribution to the welfare of humanity! -Mahfuz