How do I sign up for a website account?

Registering for a website account is required for clients who wish to use the collaboration services. For website users who would like to comment on blog posts, it allows you to post without having to wait for approval. This allows us to greatly reduce the number of spam posts that our website users have to see.

Signing up for a website account is really simple.

Clicking any "request collaboration"or "request form" link will prompt you to sign in or sign up for the website. This link will also take you to the sign up page.

This page presents you with 3 choices:

1. Already Registered? Log in here.
2. I have a Virginia Tech PID, but am not registered. Register here.
3. I do NOT have a Virginia Tech PID and need to register. Register here.

Select the option most appropriate to you.

You will then be asked to complete some personal information about yourself (name, address, college, department, etc). Once this information is completed, complete the math captcha to show that you are really a person and not an automated spammer.

After you have saved your personal information you will be directed to a form to complete for a statistical collaboration project. Please complete this form throughly as it will allow us to match you with an appropriate statistical collaboration team.

If you are signing up to the website to add comments to blog posts, you can skip this page. There is no need to complete the collaboration request, simply navigate back to the blog page and leave your comment.

If you have any trouble registering for a website account, please contact us.