How does the 10-hour limit work?

Our collaborators provides 10 hours total of statistical assistance per project per semester. These hours are calculated based on time spent by each statistical collaborator in meetings as well as time outside of meetings performing research or analysis.

For example, let’s consider a client who requests collaboration and sets up a meeting time with her collaborators. They meet for one hour and agree that the client will clean her data and the collaborators will do some research about a particular method the team agreed would be appropriate for the analysis. They arrange a second meeting. The lead collaborator spends 30 minutes researching the topic and the associate also spends 60 minutes on the topic. Thus far 3.5 hours of the time have been used: 2 hours for the initial meeting and 1.5 hours outside the meeting.

For most projects two collaborators will be assigned to work with the client. It is considered discourteous to ask that a collaborator be removed from a project with the goal of receiving additional meeting or analysis time.

Generally most projects are completed before the 10 hour limit; however, if you find yourself nearing the limit, there are a few options. You can tie up loose ends and close the project for the semester. If you need to go over the limit and a collaborator will be putting a large amount of time into your project, it may be appropriate to consider co-authorships. Co-authorships are appropriate if a collaborator has made a significant intellectual contribution to your project. If co-authorship is not an option, our collabortors can provide additional services for a fee. Additional information about our rates can be found here. For tips on how to make the most of your time with your statistical collaborators, please see this FAQ. If you have specific questions about co-authorships or paying for services, please contact the director.