The Fall 2017 deadline for Collaboration Requests is Thursday, November 30th. Requests made after the deadline will be held and assigned at the start of Spring 2018 semester in January. If you have an urgent project that is related to a funding deadline or a December graduation, please contact the director, Dr. Jennifer Van Mullekom, at vanmuljh@v.edu. If you have a brief question that can be answered in 30 minutes, please see the walk-in schedule. 


Statistical collaborators from the Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech been advancing research via expert statistical analysis since 1948. Our mission is to train statistics students to become interdisciplinary collaborators and to demonstrate the value of statistical thinking in interdisciplinary collaborations. We provide statistical advice, analysis, and education to Virginia Tech researchers by offering individual collaboration meetings, walk-in consulting, educational short courses, and support for interdisciplinary research projects.

Our statistical collaborators are trained to help researchers design experiments, analyze and plot data, run statistical software, interpret results, and communicate statistical concepts to non-statisticians. Our assistance is free for Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students on academic research projects. Areas of expertise include:

  • Grant Proposals
  • Experimental Design
  • Multivariate Methods
  • Biostatistics
  • Time Series
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Quality Control
  • Response Surface Models
  • Publication Preparation
  • Statistical Software: R, SAS, JMP, MINITAB, etc.

Review our policies and request a meeting with a statistical collaborator.



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Email: statistics@vt.edu


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